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Ad Server Basics: Setting Up an Ad Campaign

The Ad Server tool provides a modern UI for creating cross-promo campaigns.

The following categories are available to sharpen ad targeting among users:

  • Geolocation (address and exact location with a radius)
  • OS versions, smartphone types (phone/tablet), device list by IDFA / ADID
  • Mobile carriers and local devices
  • The specific day of the week/hour to display
  • Specific placement in the application

For example, a user can select impressions to be shown in Germany only on iPhone 6 smartphones with iOS 11 on weekends on the main screen of the application.

Also, for each campaign you can determine a start and an end time of the campaign, set a limit on the number of impressions, disable impressions after an ad was clicked on or after an advertised app was installed.

The Ad Server predicts an approximate number of impressions that is expected for the created ad campaign, based on the selected options for targeting. Using these statistics, you can analyze the user audience and calculate an approximate amount of traffic that needs to be considered for this campaign to be viable.


To learn more about Ad Server check out Basics of Ad Server: What is this tool for?.

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Ad Server Basics: Setting Up an Ad Campaign

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