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Appodeal Team Interview: A Day in the Life of Diana Bogdanova

It's time to introduce you to another member of the amazing A-Team. In this installment of A-Team: Insights & Interviews, we'd like to introduce you to Diana Bogdanova. We're lousy with cat-lovers here at Appodeal!

Birthplace: Kazan, Russia

Current Location: Barcelona, Spain

Position/Role: Sr. Developer Relations Manager

Tell us three fun facts about yourself:

I am a big fan of Star Wars and Skynet I have full-fledged conversations with Siri I like to pretend to speak Italian and wave my hands in the air

How did you end up here? What was your career path like?

Long story short, I have tried a lot of things, but one day when I was living in South East Asia I met a few fellow expats in a shopping mall who came from the same place as I did. One of them was Pavel, the CEO of Appodeal :) Apparently, we lived in the same apartment building in Kazan and never met. A few years later, I called him from one of the tech conferences in Amsterdam offering help, as I saw on Facebook that he was doing something very serious, and he offered me a job.

List of former positions: network administrator, sales in a gym, project manager for web development team, technology manager at the Olympic Games, and I was even a Microsoft Certified Salesperson.

Walk us through an average day:

I open my eyes and the first thing I check is the number of updates on Slack, email, and Skype. I quickly go through to understand whether my inner WonderWoman can have an extra 30 minutes in bed, or should wake up immediately and save the world.

My day starts with three important steps:

Quickly reading of all incoming communication. As you know our teams are distributed across the globe!
I analyze the performance of all my clients to identify any positive or negative deviation. I am able to immediately spot if an integration is done incorrectly by seeing the banner display rate is 50%, or I can notice a traffic increase or decrease to reach out to offer assistance. I check the games I’d like to play.

Then I plan. I have a special practice for planning my day which allows me to stay organized and focused throughout the day.

Diana’s Planning:

I take a huge A4 notepad, and separate a list into 4 columns:


Based on my working tasks, received emails, information from the Slack channels, and my daily routine, I add a quick task to one of the four columns.

On any given day I do a lot of different things, and very often end up multitasking: Speaking on the phone with my clients, working with technical support teams to assist with integration, playing games (yeah, I can say I get paid to play games) to learn and to see if I can help somewhere, testing games, checking performance, and answering questions in different channels.

One of the lifehacks for higher information load and multiple tasks was moving the majority of communication to email. This allows me to stay focused while writing and make sure everything gets addressed.

What are your main tools?

Hm, I’d say my head!? Slack, Asana, Skype, noise-canceling headset. I’d like to mention a few services which help me to focus and ease my life: Grammarly, NoisliSimplenote, deep house channel, Spotify, and Nike running shoes which keep me healthy and energized flying to our office in Barcelona.

Are you working on any projects right now?

I would like to start working on memo notes with the information I have acquired about mobile apps for the last 1.5 years I’ve been with Appodeal. I hope it will be useful for publishers and developers. It will include simple things like how to test ad mediation properly, why eCPM fluctuates, the benefits of Segments, and so on. Simple but useful.

What part of your job do you find most rewarding?

Seeing publishers who work with me super happy :)

Seeing the developer I have been working with converting all their apps and games to Appodeal and bringing their friends on board :) I work with a few developers like that and I’m very excited about it.

And I love to personally meet our clients at different events!

Tell us your favorite joke.

I think this one is hilarious:

Cartoon by Marketoonist

What are your favorite games?

Fallout 2 in childhood Lucas Arts pick and point adventure games Unfair question for mobile :)

If you had the time and money to learn a whole new skill, what would it be?

How to cook Tom Yum and Pad Thai (number 1), how to be a public speaker (I dread crowds), and mind-reading skills. I’d also go for a surfing class.

Do you have any advice for mobile developers and publishers?

I do have a lot which I plan to start sharing soon.

The main advice would be learn everything about your users, follow industry best practices, try different things, and be passionate about apps.

Where have you always wanted to travel or visit? What is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

I’d love to go to Tel Aviv and Lisbon first of all, and I’m really keen on visiting Kiev too. Other must-visits for me are India, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Ireland, and there is undiscovered LATAM! The world would have been easier to say :)

How do you stay energized to do your work?

If I am not lazy I do yoga in the morning, then a good healthy breakfast, coffee-coffee-coffee and I get energized when I have a lot of things to manage. I kind of get energized by the number of things I have to complete, and getting to enjoy the results!

Check back next month for another A-team interview!

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Appodeal Team Interview: A Day in the Life of Diana Bogdanova

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