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Appodeal Team Interview: A Day in the Life of Ilya Shpota

This month, we're taking you further behind the scenes so you can see what makes working with Appodeal so great. Our publishers have Developer Relations Managers, Account Managers, and a 24/7 Support Team on their side. Today's installment of A-Team: Insights & Interviews is with one of our Account Managers, Ilya Shpota, who keeps an eye on all things integration and performance!

Birthplace: Kazakhstan, Soviet Union

Current Location: Moscow, Russia

Position/Role: Account Manager & Publisher Relations

Tell us three fun facts about yourself:

  1. I’m a huge movie buff and an educated filmmaker as well.
  2. I grew up in Greece from the age of 10 to 20 and can speak the language fluently.
  3. I’ve been skateboarding for 12 years and It’s the only physical activity that I like.
    I guess that’s six facts!

How did you end up here? What was your career path like?
I worked as an English teacher for two years in Siberia. It was a great experience and I’ve met a lot of interesting people (shout out to Annya Borisova & Okie Dokie team) but I felt it was time for a change.

After a search for new opportunities, I received a phone call from Sergey Melkom, who is Appodeal’s Lead of Support. He introduced me to the platform and offered me a position in the company. I admit that I was quite hesitant at first due to a steep learning curve, but now I’m eternally grateful to Sergey for believing in me and pushing me to try it out.

It’s great to be a part of such wonderful team.

Walk us through an average day.
I have a daily schedule that I try to follow. Every hour is dedicated towards an activity.

I try to wake up early when there is minimal distraction and I’ll dedicate the first 4 hours towards self-improvement activities like exercise, writing scripts, drawing and learning a language (right now it’s Spanish).

Then my entire day consists of trying to be as productive and beneficial as possible to Appodeal and our clients. I’ll start by checking all the updates in Slack, Skype and emails, then I’ll go over my daily list of tasks saved in Evernote.

I’ll test ad integrations and make a list of suggestions for further improvements. For example, I always recommend adding static interstitials and skippable video in the same placement. Appodeal supports such an integration and it’s great having them compete with each other for the highest eCPM possible.

I’ll analyze the ad performance stats by using Appodeal’s dashboard. It provides all the tools and information that’s needed to give me a clear picture of the performance.

I’ll first start by filtering the stats by networks and I’ll sort them in alphabetical order, so when there is an abrupt shift in the stats, this is how I start tracing the source of trouble. I can go into more detail with analyzing the stats by filtering them in each of the top performing countries separately. This process can take a while so I have several dashboard presets saved and ready to use to help me save some time. This is available to anyone using the wonderful Appodeal dashboard.

Finally, due to a noticeable time zone difference between myself (Siberia) and most of my clients (EU & US) I dedicate the later half of the day to real-time communication. I’ll start assisting publishers with integration, share tips to improve performance and provide clarity about the platform to new developers.

When all the daily tasks are completed, I end the day with a movie. Currently I’m watching all the classics from the 50s era. Marilyn Monroe’s comedy flicks are a great watch.

What are your main tools?
By far my most used tool is Evernote. This productivity app helps me stay organized and focused. I have created several notebooks dedicated towards my work at Appodeal. With all my clients’ contact information, tasks and performance reports listed in proper order and dates. I make reminders in Evernote and never miss a task. I have created several custom templates which are stored and ready for access anytime. Plus, I can share my notes with my team just by a push of a button.

Are you working on any projects right now?
I believe there is a lot of potential to create smart and catchy promotional videos about Appodeal. It can both entertain and inform game developers. So one of my projects is to create one. Currently, I’m at the concept stage and I store ideas in Evernote. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll tackle them head on and create something worthy enough to see.

What part of your job do you find most rewarding?
It’s always great to see publishers happy. Their kind words can truly change the mood of the day for the better. It’s a great feeling that’s worth going that extra mile.

What are your favorite games?
When it comes to console games, I’m huge fan of Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series.

For desktop, I really like the open world adventure games of Bethesda Studios.

And for mobile, I’ve been playing a lot of Aworded Crack lately, a game where you have to complete words, it’s very addictive and fun to play. Also, anything that has to do with puzzles can keep me entertained for hours.

If you had the time and money to learn a whole new skill, what would it be?
Probably C++ programming language or any other object oriented language.

I know a bit about how coding works and it’s all extremely fascinating to me. I feel like that’s the most rewarding programming language to master while being one of the hardest as well. It’s like a superpower.

Do you have any advice for mobile developers and publishers?
Innovation is the key to success, perhaps true for any creative medium. Keeping your users engaged with daily rewards is also a great practice. On the monetization side, I recommend taking a look at our segments feature that gives you complete control of your ads. Safe and controlled experiments can be done using segments which could provide great results and useful knowledge.

If you have a game that deserves more attention, our cross promotion feature can help bring awareness and shine a light on the hidden gem. Plus it can be set on backfill and will show only when there is no fill from regular networks.

Where have you always wanted to travel or visit? What is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?
I’ve not been to many places but I always wanted to visit the States, especially California. It feels like the source of all my interests which is movies, games and even skating. The UK seems fun as well.

How do you stay energized to do your work?
Green tea with honey and lemon keeps me going, every time.

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Appodeal Team Interview: A Day in the Life of Ilya Shpota

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