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Appodeal’s Intel Briefing: Friday Roundup, Dec. 16

For our final Intel Briefing of the year, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting mobile gaming and app news.

In the “don’t try this at home” category, you’ll find a curious story about a man who blows $1M of stolen money on Game of War.

This week’s roundup:

California Man Embezzles Nearly $5M, spends $1M on IAPs for Game of War, Toucharcade

Here are the Best Mobile Games You Should Be Playing this Holiday Season, Forbes

Mobile Game ColorSwitch Hits 130M Downloads after 1 Year on the Market, VentureBeat

Super Mario Run: Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo's First iPhone Game, Recode

Snapchat is Two Steps Ahead of its Peers, Business Intelligence

5 Events that Impacted the Game Industry in 2016, Gamasutra

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Appodeal’s Intel Briefing: Friday Roundup, Dec. 16

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