Update: Ethereum payout support

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Appodeal is happy to announce that we are starting to pay developers in Ethereum. Appodeal is the first mobile app monetization service allowing developers to get revenue in a cryptocurrency.

Starting from today all Appodeal clients can receive payouts from their apps in Ethereum. This is very much similar to getting paid via bank transfer or any other systems. To claim payout in crypto, a developer should send Appodeal a request and their ETC wallet info. The service automatically converts profits from dollars to Ethereum using the current exchange rate and transfers the sum. Coinbase platform is used to simplify and secure payments.

Ethereum is Appodeal’s second crypto-currency. Back in April 2016, the company offered developers to get revenue in Bitcoin. Most often it is used by indie-devs to pay for selected online services or getting momentarily payments at those moments when Bitcoin prices are rising.

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  • Is there any transaction fees for ethereum (and bitcoin)? (To send bitcoin I know there is usually a fee, question is if it’s deducted from the payout amount.)

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Hi Andrew! Sorry for the delay! There’s a 1% conversion fee plus 0.000441 ETH network fee (network fees may vary). You can find more information on payments in our FAQ: http://faq.appodeal.com/payment/payment-faq
      Let me know if it helps! And thanks for asking 😊

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