Announcing Appodeal SDK 2.1: the Update for Boosting User Engagement

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We’re excited to announce a new version of the Appodeal SDK — 2.1, which augments publishers’ opportunities and focuses on superior user engagement. We’ve shipped support of new ad networks, updated partner SDKs, and improved consistency of our own SDK. You can find details of the updates below.


General updates both for iOS and Android Appodeal SDK

 Applovin banner support

 Facebook Audience Network and Admob rewarded video for Android and iOS

 Playable ads in Rewarded video

 Vungle placement support

 Improved Appodeal Exchange Integration including MRAID video support and no more redirect within Google Play/App Store links

 New method: “setChildDirectedTreatment” to mark an app as COPPA compliant

 New method: “rewardForPlacement”(iOS) / ”getRewardParameters”(Android) for getting information about reward amount within a given placement

 Separate settings for interstitials and skippable videos have come back in segments

Applovin banner support

We are now providing not only interstitials and videos from Applovin, but also banners. Applovin is one of our prominent partners who deliver high-quality ad demand.

Facebook Audience Network and Admob rewarded video for Android and iOS

Just a very short while ago, both Facebook Audience Network and Admob opened access to rewarded video, and we’ve added full support for them in this version of the SDK.

Playable Ads in Rewarded video

Playable Ads have a positive impact on the user experience. Unlike with conventional rewarded video or banners, here a user interacts directly with the content of a banner. Most commonly, this content includes an interactive mini-game which is based on the game’s main elements. It entices users and increases their loyalty towards ads and the game as the whole.

Vungle placement support

Now, while working with Vungle, you can integrate it in a flexible manner, as well as manage several placements and set up price floors for Vungle ads. This update is available for all Appodeal publishers by default.

Improved Appodeal Exchange Integration

SDK 2.1 allows users to integrate native ads — currently, we have more than 10 partners which offer this ad format. Moreover, we’ve polished a video ad player design and made it even more user-friendly.

 MRAID video support

We’ve upgraded interstitials: now you can show not only static but also video ads.

 No more redirect within Google Play / App Store links

Redirect will never again take your users away from app to browser — now it takes users directly to the stores.

New method: “setChildDirectedTreatment” to mark an app as COPPA compliant

In order to follow the constantly changing COPPA regulations, we’re enhancing our product and adding new features that allow publishers to show ads safely and effectively regardless of their users’ age. For instance, in case your app still collects user data, the new SDK method enables sending it to ad networks in compliance with the law. Make sure you pay attention to this important update if you work on kids’ app development.

New method: “rewardForPlacement”(iOS) / ”getRewardParameters”(Android) for getting information about reward amount within a given placement

Utilizing this method, you can dynamically change and show reward amounts for watching video ads in a given placement to your user. More: Separate settings of interstitials and skippable videos have come back in segments.

Android only

Android O support

New SDK version has been tested for recent Android O: everything’s working as expected, so feel free to update.

Message in the logs to let you know if you’re not using the latest SDK version

One of the smartest ways to follow up on Appodeal SDK versions.

In addition to that: A memory leak has been fixed, as well as minor crashes and ANRs. Additionally, the issue of a banner sometimes appearing on top of fullscreen ads after refresh.

iOS only

Red alert on Apple iOS 11 release

We’ve already tested the updated SDK and have everything prepared for the upgrade.

Forbidden offline mode for viewing ads

To avoid “empty” impressions and, as a result, unpaid ads while a user plays the game in airplane mode or with a bad connection — we’ve simply forbidden watching ads offline.

Deep link support in cross-promo

Deep linking allows the launch of a pre-installed app through cross-promo ads in another app. It’s a slick way to promote your own app updates and increase the chances of clickthrough.

Unity Ads crash fixes (in SDK 2.0.0 ver)

An important update for those who are interested in Unity Ads: we’ve fixed previous Appodeal iOS SDK version bugs. Now our adapter runs trouble-free.

Also: We’ve fixed StartApp and Amazon Ads crashes. Hurray!

Besides general system changes, there are a lot of ad network adapters updated.

Partner SDK updates (Android):

Applovin tо 7.3.2

Avocarrot tо 3.8.2

Chartboost tо 6.6.3

Facebook tо 4.25.0

Flurry tо 7.0.0

Inmobi tо 6.2.3

IronSource tо

Mopub tо 4.15.0

myTarget tо 4.6.17

Startapp to 3.6.2

Tapjoy to 11.11.0

Unity Ads to 2.1.0

Vungle to 5.1.0

Yandex Metrica to 2.73 and Yandex Ads to 2.60

Partner SDK updates (iOS):

Admob tо 7.19.1

Applovin tо 4.3.0

Inmobi tо 6.2.1

Facebook Audience Network tо 4.24.0

Mopub tо 4.15.0

MyTargetSDK tо 4.6.16

StartApp tо 3.4.3

TapjoySDK tо 11.11.0

Unity Ads tо 2.1.0

Yandex-ads-sdk tо 2.7.0

Yandex metrica-sd tо 2.8.3

Vungle tо 5.1.0

Where to start:

For a smoother integration process, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with our integration guides — both for iOS and Android respectively.

If you have any questions, you can comment below, get in touch with your account manager, or email us at

Please take note that we usually post beta versions for your information on our website before the release. Watch the news so you can be the first to know about new versions to have your app prepared.

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  • Jack Southerner

    What about React Native on Android?

    • Doug WebMan

      Have you been able to get the SDK to work on either IOS or Android React Native? I really want to use this service, but my developers have been unable to get it to build.

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Hello, thanks for reaching us out! Currently it’s on Github and we’re not planning to move it to production. Sorry for that and please let us know if you have any further issues.

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