Don’t forget to update: SDK 2.1.7 plus new FAN & AdMob policies

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We’ve released a new version of SDK 2.1.7 that provides a major improvement on AdMob’s policy compliance. In addition to that, we kindly remind you to update Facebook Audience Network SDK and create ad spaces within your FAN account. We provide an updated instruction both for those who are about to start working with FAN and those who are already in and have to update current settings.

Facebook Audience Network update

Starting from November 1, all Facebook Audience Network users are required to use new FAN SDK and create ad spaces. You’ve probably already seen the details in your FAN accounts.

According to the new policy, FAN SDK ought to be 4.23+. In addition to that, if you created the placements before, you need to move them to the newly created Ad Space. Please follow the link to familiarize yourself with our updated guide on FAN integration — you can find instructions on Ad Spaces inside the doc starting from point 7.

AdMob update

As you remember, we’ve promised to be 100% compliant with AdMob policy changes on ad requests.

In SDK 2.1.7 we’ve improved the algorithm so publishers can be sure they are completely compliant with the AdMob policy changes.

In line with this major change, there are several additional updates:

🔷 iOS:

– iPhone X compliance;

– Updated Chartboost to 7.0.1.

🔷 Android:

– Android O improvements;

– Appodeal.isPrecache method fix;

– Updated Applovin to 7.4.0;

– Updated Facebook to 4.26.0;

– Updated Yandex Mobile Ads to 2.61.

To enjoy all these perks please update your version of SDK to 2.1.7. As usual, it’s available in our documentation.

✍️ Also, in case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out our stunning support at or just leave a comment below — we’d love to hear from you.

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  • Riaz Firfirey

    so where exactly is the download link, on the dashboard where is the link to download the latest sdk?

    Can appodeal not check the sdk of apps making ad requests and if the sdk is out of date then flag it on the apps section on the dashboard, so users can see we need to update sdk on that app?

    • Claudia

      Here’s the download link:

      • Valerie Alfimova

        Thanks so much for providing the link! 👌

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Sorry if it wasn’t clear from this article. Just like Claudia brought it up (thanks!), here’s a link to the updated iOS SDK:
      We usually share our updates not only here but also through Intercom messages within the dashboard. Have you ever seen these notifications (bottom right corner)?

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