We’re changing our framework policy starting from March, 2018

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At Appodeal, we strive continuously to improve our intelligent ad mediation to be the best in the market for publishers. A major part of that goal is to ensure our SDK performance is top-notch. Therefore, we will be concentrating our external plugins support on only two frameworks.

By stopping developing the other external plugins below used by fewer than 10% of our publishers, our development team will be able to dedicate more time and focus in enhancing the performance of the Unity 3D and Corona plugins.

Starting from March 1, 2018, we will cease supporting any other frameworks except for Unity 3D and Corona, which when combined with iOS and Android native frameworks generate more than 90% of Appodeal impressions.

What does it mean for those who work with other plugins, except for Corona and Unity?

❗️ Don’t worry: you’ll still be able to use the current version of plugins and extensions to monetize with Appodeal. In case you have Appodeal integrated into your application, it will work fine even after March 1, 2018.

❗️ However, all upcoming plugin versions will not include support and updates for any other ones except for Corona and Unity 3D.

❗️ The last version of SDK that includes all frameworks is SDK 2.1.4. We will provide the most important and urgent updates for all frameworks up to version 2.2.0.

❗️ Our support team will be answering all questions and resolving issues on all frameworks until March 1, 2018. After that date, the support team will cover only Unity 3D and Corona inquiries.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will be happy to help you to adapt.

Here’s a list of plugins that will be ceased in development and supporting:

🔺 AIR Native Extension v.3.0.4 (incl. Android 2.1.4, iOS 2.1.4)

🔺 Basic4Android v.2.1.4 (incl. Android 2.1.4)

🔺 SDKBOX for Cocos v.2.3.17 (incl. Android 2.1.4, iOS 2.1.4)

🔺 Cordova v.3.0.4 (incl. Android 2.1.4, iOS 2.1.4)

🔺 Game Maker v.3.0.4 (incl. Android 2.1.4, iOS 2.1.4)

🔺 libGDX v.2.1.0 (incl. Android 2.1.0, iOS 2.1.0)

🔺 PhoneGap v.3.0.4 (incl. Android 2.1.4, iOS 2.1.4)

🔺 React Native v.2.1.4 (incl. Android 2.1.4, iOS 2.1.4)

🔺 Defold v.2.1.7 (incl. Android 2.1.7, iOS 2.1.7)

🔺 Scirra Construct 2 v.2.0.3 (updated to Cordova v.3.0.4)

🔺 Xamarin v.2.1.4 (incl. Android 2.1.4, iOS 2.1.4)

🔺 Unreal Engine v.2.1.4 (incl. Android 2.1.4, iOS 2.1.4)

🔺 Qt v.2.0 (incl. Android 2.0, iOS 2.0)

🔺 MonkeyX v.2.0.1 (incl. Android 2.0, iOS 2.0)

🔺 Stencyl v.2.0 (incl. Android 2.0, iOS 2.0)

🔺 Gideros v.2.0 (incl. Android 2.0, iOS 2.0)

🔺 Marmalade v.1.2.0 (incl. Android 1.15.9, iOS 0.10.9)

🖍 If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us at hi@appodeal.com.

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  • Junior Costa

    I was going to start using it and gave up.

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Please, pay attention that you can still monetize with Appodeal using SDK 2.1.4.

  • Palle Simonsen

    I really think you should reconsider the cordova decision given the uptake of ionic 🙂

    • Julia Shmyrova

      We’ll keep an eye on it, thanks 🙂

  • Paweł Gaczyński

    Please reconsider Cocos2d-x support. “25% of iPhone games are made using Cocos2d-x” – according to: https://www.slant.co/options/1054/~cocos2d-x-and-cocos2d-family-review

  • Мирошниченко Дмитрий

    Ahhhh ( Long awaiting by Defold community Appodeal support appear only 2 month ago and now you just drop it ( Please continue Defold Engine support … I dont like used FGL Enhance or something else. Yeah i see “you can still monetize with Appodeal using SDK 2.1.4” but how quick this api version breaked? I love use stable tools+apis.

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