GDPR-friendly SDK 2.4 version with Parallel Bidding is now available

As you may know, the General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on May 25, 2018. The new law is applied not only to EU-based organizations but also to anyone who has customers in the EU.

We know that it takes much effort to make all the preparations, and so we’re here to make it easier. Take a look at the resources that can help you.

GDPR-friendly SDK 2.4 version is now live!

We’ve decided to release a beta 2.4 version of the GDPR-friendly SDK with Parallel Bidding in it. Since some of our partners are still improving their GDPR compliance, we thought that for starters it would make more sense to go with the beta.

To put it simply, according to our updated privacy policy you will still need to collect consent from affected users and pass its value inside the “initialize” method of our SDK, but the updated SDK version can be initialized no matter if end-users provide their consent or not.

Please note that Parallel Bidding is still in beta, which means it needs to be enabled on the server side.

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for iOS

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for Android

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for Unity

🔻Download SDK 2.4 for Corona

How to implement consent windows?

To learn about implementing consent windows, please read our blog post where we provided iOS, Android, Unity, and Corona demo projects via Github.

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We’ve collected all information and tips on the GDPR on this page — see the webinar, read the Q&A, and feel free to address questions to our 24/7 support team at We still encourage you to contact your lawyers to confirm what your next steps toward compliance might involve.

We look forward to continuing to be a part of your productive monetization strategy. Let us know if something is still not clear at this point — we’re happy to assist you.

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  • Scott C

    Good work!

  • Leonid Bu

    Can you please tell me how end – user can realize his “right to be forgotten”?

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Hello Leonid! The auto download of information is not required, the end user can simply request it from our support team.

  • So, what the best way for detecting EU users for now?

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Hello! The best way is to use Google’s solution, just like you pointed out above 🙂

  • Василий Иванов

    Добрый день, а когда на русском будет статья?

    • Max Piskunov

      Краткий перевод: “нет времени объяснять, обновляй сдк” 🙂

      • Valerie Alfimova

        Если вкратце то да, все так и есть! А вообще сегодня выложим перевод, спасибо за напоминание!

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Привет! Вот ссылка на перевод на русский:

  • Siege Saga

    Adobe AIR SDK всё? Больше не будет?

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Здравствуйте! С марта этого года кроме нативной интеграции мы продолжаем поддерживать только два фреймворка — Unity и Corona. Подробнее можно прочитать по ссылке:

  • Warren Miller

    if you’re using Unity I knocked up some code to check if the user is in the GDPR region. Its Quick and dirty but it does the trick

  • Albert Cruz

    I know, you dont support Cordova (Construct 2) anymore but what will be the effect of this law for a construct 2 user like me? I used appodeal for my cordova app before appodeal and im still using it and showing ads to my user

    • Valerie Alfimova

      Hello Albert, in case you’re still using Appodeal, you should implement the consent window AND don’t proceed with initializing Appodeal SDK for those users who don’t agree to provide their personal information.

  • Leonid Bu

    First of all – dear Appodeal Team, Thank you very much for new SDK and your support in all that GDPR related stuff. There is some tech issues with SDK, but i hope they will be fixed in next version.
    As expected, with Opt-out option comes huge eCPM drop (around 30% in my case).
    I’m really hope we will get EU/non EU-check functionality in next version of SDK.

    • Василий Иванов

      Это не единственная проблема с новым сдк и не самая серьезная. Для тех кто работает на Unity обратите внимание работу приложения на старте – “лаги” при инициализации, да такие что пользователи “вирищат”, рейтинги падают! Саппорт молчит по проблеме.

      • Leonid Bu

        Yeah, i’, also having issues with UI not working some time after initialization. I guess that is a common issue for Unity android

        • Valerie Alfimova

          Thanks for letting us know, we’re fixing these issues ASAP.

  • BonyYousuf

    Thank you for the updated SDK. But this still needs some improvement. For started, it doesn’t allow us to check whether the user is from EU or not. This should have been a mandatory part of this sdk. Without knowing which user is from EU, we developer would have to show this consent window to everyone.

    One question, what if I don’t show the consent window upfront and use consent = true for every user no matter where they are from since I can’t be sure about their location. And instead I add a button in settings window that shows up a consent dialog and from their user can opt out. Is this possible with Appoadeal?

    Please know that Unity Ads are doing almost this. They are using consent as default and shows targeted ads but allows user to opt out after an ads is shown.

  • kevin kawai

    Here’s a GDPR Consent Management Platform UI for Android that does all the work for you in collecting consent from user.

  • Dion Peters

    What if i only show non consent ads? Does that comply with the gdpr rules?

  • Madbull Studios

    We are extremely disappointed by your service and support. We had to write this here so you can may be notice some issues. A couple of friends recommended us to sign-up with you as you provide good ad mediation service. We signed up around 10 days ago and it said “Your account is on moderation” we tried asking how long it takes for moderation on your email support, twitter, facebook etc. but we didn’t got any response. To further add insult to injury we got an email that our account is terminated due to illegal activity (we didn’t even integrated your SDK yet and we got illegal activity notice). We tried contacting your support again and still no response. We probably don’t have time to wait such a long period and delay our game release. We might not use your service (as we can’t login and setup your SDK) but we want to let you know that you should improve your service.

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