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Game of the Week: Hanger World’s Creators Release New BotHeads Game

A Small Game studio from Sweden, which is known for an awesome ragdoll Hanger World, releases a new game called BotHeads.

As indies describe their release, it’s a fast and fun arcade game where you guide your little flying robots through a beautiful handcrafted world filled with things to fly past or bounce off.

The game is atmospheric, full of cool details and makes great use of physics. Gameplay-wise it would be the first Sonic game in the way that they mixed slower parts with really fast, almost auto-playing, parts where you dash through the levels.>

BotHeads is also very much inspired by and built upon their own Hanger games. It basically uses the same engine developed with Corona, including the physics and a lot of assets like the propellers and other obstacles that you come across. The design is inspired by recent games that use a silhouette-style, like Badland and Limbo, with a touch of 80’s aesthetics.

As for monetization, the game will be free to play, with ads delivered by Appodeal Mediation. A Small Game are planning to use rewarded video ads that let a player continue when they die in a level. In addition to that, the studio will use interstitial video ads.

It’s worth noting that A Small Game Studio is a team of only two people that make everything themselves. Through 7 years experience they’ve launched 11 titles including a range of updates for them. You can have a look at their art and download games on the studio’s official website.

Download iOS

Official soundtrack by Boy vs Bacteria is available on Spotify.

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Game of the Week: Hanger World’s Creators Release New BotHeads Game

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