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Utility apps strategies that actually work [webinar recording]

Whether you’ve already tapped into the potential of utility apps or just started with them, we’re excited to be helpful along your way. That’s why we organized a live webinar about utility apps strategies. We invited experienced speakers, Vera Rabkina, Product Manager at Gismart and Kamil Janiszewski, Co-founder and Head of Sales at Listonic.

Here's the webinar agenda:

  • What is the difference between utility apps and other apps? Pros and cons of utility apps.
  • User Acquisition for utility apps.
  • Tricks for keeping a high retention rate.
  • Utility app monetization: Freemium, Premium or Subscription models, in-app advertising, cross-promotion, and bundles.
  • International expansion: localization and monetization tips for different countries.
  • Q&A.

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Utility apps strategies that actually work [webinar recording]

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